Updated Character Textures

First post since being back at school!

Here’s an updated look at the textures for my characters. Vimeo won’t let me embed HD videos on here, so you’ll have to watch it over on Vimeo if you want to see it at a higher resolution. Here’s the link:


Sorry I didn’t do a full turnaround of the son, but hopefully one turntable and a few stills are enough to give you guys a sense of where the look is going. I also finished the hair curves, but won’t have images of the final hair until I meet with Maks this week. I’ve been having some technical problems, but hopefully he can help me properly constrain the hair and clothes to my characters’ bodies. I’ll also be posting the final lighting and texturing of the room in the next couple of days as well as the final ship (the son’s).

For now though, here are the characters. Let me know what you guys think!


I haven’t updated my animatic since Casey sent me the final boards, so I thought I’d do that now. There’s still no sound fx on this one, but I wanted to adjust the timing a little bit. Certain shots are still a little too fast, but I’ll fix them when I have some more time.

Working with Casey on these was awesome. He’s a brilliant storyboard artist. As you can see from the boards, he absolutely nailed it. Any time I gave him a suggestion or requested a change he hit it right on the mark. And the turnaround time was amazing.

Casey was the first artist I contacted to help me with my film and I really lucked out that he was both available and interested in working on the project.

I hope you guys like the boards. I’m still searching for the sound direction. So any feedback on reference/temp tracks would be awesome. I had a mash up of Toy Story 3 pieces composed by Randy Newman on the previous animatic, but something about it wasn’t right. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions.

Final Ship Concept

A lot of you guys already know Emily, but for those of you that don’t, she’s an incredible artist that recently graduated from USC.

When I decided to hire a concept artist to design the boy’s ship, I immediately contacted her to see if she was available. Luckily she was, and she did an absolutely amazing job with the design.

This past weekend she gave me the final, so I wanted to post it for you guys to see.

Rough Room Layout

Here’s a rough layout of the room. I still haven’t decided on the exact dimensions of the room just yet, but this layout’s how I sketched it out initially.

Ignore the rough lighting and the missing props, I’m just trying to place the main pieces of furniture around the room.

Father Turnaround_V1

I decided to start modeling the father on Saturday. Here’s the first version of him.


I’ll probably use Maya hair rather than polygons, but I wanted to at least get the shape of the hair in there for you guys to see.

My goal is to finish modeling the mustache, clothes, eyes and glasses in the next week or two as well as start the model of the son.